Music of the Week #545

On time! Earlier than the usual even!

So with some free time that isn’t spent completely dominated by Elden Ring, and no joke, I played for like 11 hours yesterday, I think I’ve managed to get some pictures for Disco Elysium to hopefully get out before the week’s end. I still feel really annoyed how my picture stash got wiped not once but twice but there’s really no other way to go about it now unless they’ve recently patched the loading times.

Luigi gets a significant bump in the side-character department as he embarks on a journey himself and has three versions of his adventures to boot in the game. The first narrative is told by none other than himself with proper embellishments, the second is told by his own cast of chapter unique partners that accompanies him through his quest, and lastly by either himself again or an author because his stories become published partway through the game and become purchasable. Coming back to Rogueport after a chapter and seeing Luigi go through his own struggles, even if they’re silly, was always a fun thing to look forward to. Mario also falls asleep during his idle animation while listening to Luigi’s recounting. I’ve always wanted a Paper Luigi game in the vein of TTYD before he gets made into a playable character in Super Paper Mario but who knows if that will ever happen.