Music of the Week #543

Still busy but now with games.

With Elden Ring of course. I fully explored the first two regions and now cleaning up the body exploration parts before I fully progress. Think I messed up two NPC quests though which is a bummer.

I have some enmity towards the Pit of 100 Trials as I only made it to around Floors 80-90 and I think I died to some Bob-Ulks and accidentally detonated them. It made me realize how stupid I was as a kid since I was always paranoid about wasting a turn doing an attack that wouldn’t be effective and these lower level enemies really hurt. Higher level enemies tend to have 1 or even 2 points of defense so my paranoia got the best of me. It’s a strangely soothing tune and I think they slightly improve on it in the sequel. Oh yes, we’ll talk about Super Paper Mario when it’s time.