Music of the Week #546

Man, we’re on top of things this week.

Disco Elysium’s post could have used a bit more love but I finished that way back in September, and I definitely do not have the time to try and go through another file. Unless, the PS5 version can improve the load times, who knows. In any case, I’m all prepped for Elden Ring.

After I actually beat the damn thing. I’m 110 hours in and at the Consecrated Snowfields and don’t want it to end

This tune might not be to everyone’s favor as I’ve seen many people call the Great Boggly Tree a rather lackluster chapter in the context of the ones to succeed it. It’s essentially 2D pikmin and micromanaging them isn’t too bad but it does a couple extra seconds making sure all of them are following you to hit those combined weight puzzles. I do like how one of the jabbies can join the puni army though. Although to be fair, the music track does get a little grating compared to the overall serene tunes of the woods itself. Also, Flurrie is my least favorite partner..

Disco Elysium- Brain Blast

Writing about this game is going to be pretty tough since it’s not so much a videogame experience as compared to a point and click adventure game with a lot of fun dialogue. If I was to describe Disco Elysium in a single world it would be “cerebral” because one of the most charming points was how the player character’s different brain functions would converse with each other as if they were your party members. Playing off on that, the entire world of Disco Elysium is a detailed alternate universe history where historical parallels have made an entirely different world and it is presented to you in a pleasantly weird and unique way.

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures. For one, they delayed this post for at least a couple months and also because I don’t have much variety here aside from some quick thoughts.

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Music of the Week #545

On time! Earlier than the usual even!

So with some free time that isn’t spent completely dominated by Elden Ring, and no joke, I played for like 11 hours yesterday, I think I’ve managed to get some pictures for Disco Elysium to hopefully get out before the week’s end. I still feel really annoyed how my picture stash got wiped not once but twice but there’s really no other way to go about it now unless they’ve recently patched the loading times.

Luigi gets a significant bump in the side-character department as he embarks on a journey himself and has three versions of his adventures to boot in the game. The first narrative is told by none other than himself with proper embellishments, the second is told by his own cast of chapter unique partners that accompanies him through his quest, and lastly by either himself again or an author because his stories become published partway through the game and become purchasable. Coming back to Rogueport after a chapter and seeing Luigi go through his own struggles, even if they’re silly, was always a fun thing to look forward to. Mario also falls asleep during his idle animation while listening to Luigi’s recounting. I’ve always wanted a Paper Luigi game in the vein of TTYD before he gets made into a playable character in Super Paper Mario but who knows if that will ever happen.

Music of the Week #544

Got busy and swept in Elden Ring again

No excuses here, got busy as shit with work and then when said work was done, I just played more Elden Ring. I guess the season is around two weeks from ending which means a Bisque Doll post and then a new season with another series for me to watch.

So in these two weeks of confusion and hurry, I mixed up the songs again. We were supposed to do this one last week so let’s fix that. Just like Peach, Bowser now gets to play a mini role in between chapters being one or two steps behind Mario’s Crystal Star collecting journey. While not challenging or all that exciting, it is still entertaining to see Bowser try his best at being the villain of the story again only to run into some problems on the way.

Music of the Week #543

Still busy but now with games.

With Elden Ring of course. I fully explored the first two regions and now cleaning up the body exploration parts before I fully progress. Think I messed up two NPC quests though which is a bummer.

I have some enmity towards the Pit of 100 Trials as I only made it to around Floors 80-90 and I think I died to some Bob-Ulks and accidentally detonated them. It made me realize how stupid I was as a kid since I was always paranoid about wasting a turn doing an attack that wouldn’t be effective and these lower level enemies really hurt. Higher level enemies tend to have 1 or even 2 points of defense so my paranoia got the best of me. It’s a strangely soothing tune and I think they slightly improve on it in the sequel. Oh yes, we’ll talk about Super Paper Mario when it’s time.