Music of the Week #542

You know why this is late.

Elden Ring, enough said. I apologize for not getting Disco Elysium out but my past few weekends have been spent trying to catch up and get ahead of work so I can fully indulge myself in this.

Peach is kidnapped yet again and the game knows it, perhaps that is why her theme this time around isn’t all too great compared to the one from Paper Mario where it’s an incredible tune. The X-Naut base is a lot more limited in its space in terms of maneuverability but Peace is around trying to find ways to help Mario out with intel to warn him what the enemies are sending against him. The X-Nauts are decidedly more villainous but Crump is around to be the joke. Grodus is on a whole other level and TEC also makes for a more interesting companion than Twink.