Music of the Week #541

Side Tracked.

I don’t know exactly came over me the past week end but I assuredly did not get any work done either here or my actual obligations because I got side tracked by some anime series I watched when I was younger and just rewatching openings, endings, and the likes the entire weekend. I have no excuse, but damn did it feel great. I did list out some of the anime that aired last season I wanted to get back to but had no chance to watch. I also did some research that the Saiyuki series airing right now is apparently an updated rendition of Saiyuki Reload and apparently a ton actually happen there so I’m kind of excited to see it when I get more time.

Apparently YT doesn’t have this particular track because its title overlaps with another prominent track so we’re forced to do this again. This time we look at 53:00, the X-Naut base as we see them during the Post-Chapter scenes that give off that alien feel because we know we’re somewhere far from reach but are not aware of exactly HOW far we are. It also does introduce us to Grodus incredibly early and he’s a bit special in my memories that we’ll take about later.

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