Music of the Week #539

Sure enough, my workload got real big but I should really try and get that one game post out before the week is up just so I won’t feel guilty for the rest of the month.

Hooktail manages to fit in two stages without needing to change forms and entertainingly gobbles up the crowd at the start of the 2nd phase that provides a preview on how the crowd is never safe during boss fights. As I said before, Hooktail has a weakness by means of a sound effect badge that’s within the castle and I don’t actually know if not having it changes the fight because I just never had a playthrough where I didn’t get it when I still had access to the game. The boss room is also revisited in one side quest that makes you come back to the tall-tower where you fought her. The dev team must have really liked what they pulled off with Hooktail’s fight design as she wouldn’t be the last dragon we have to slay in the game.