Music of the Week #542

You know why this is late.

Elden Ring, enough said. I apologize for not getting Disco Elysium out but my past few weekends have been spent trying to catch up and get ahead of work so I can fully indulge myself in this.

Peach is kidnapped yet again and the game knows it, perhaps that is why her theme this time around isn’t all too great compared to the one from Paper Mario where it’s an incredible tune. The X-Naut base is a lot more limited in its space in terms of maneuverability but Peace is around trying to find ways to help Mario out with intel to warn him what the enemies are sending against him. The X-Nauts are decidedly more villainous but Crump is around to be the joke. Grodus is on a whole other level and TEC also makes for a more interesting companion than Twink.

Music of the Week #541

Side Tracked.

I don’t know exactly came over me the past week end but I assuredly did not get any work done either here or my actual obligations because I got side tracked by some anime series I watched when I was younger and just rewatching openings, endings, and the likes the entire weekend. I have no excuse, but damn did it feel great. I did list out some of the anime that aired last season I wanted to get back to but had no chance to watch. I also did some research that the Saiyuki series airing right now is apparently an updated rendition of Saiyuki Reload and apparently a ton actually happen there so I’m kind of excited to see it when I get more time.

Apparently YT doesn’t have this particular track because its title overlaps with another prominent track so we’re forced to do this again. This time we look at 53:00, the X-Naut base as we see them during the Post-Chapter scenes that give off that alien feel because we know we’re somewhere far from reach but are not aware of exactly HOW far we are. It also does introduce us to Grodus incredibly early and he’s a bit special in my memories that we’ll take about later.

Music of the Week #540

Uh oh

Nintendo’s crusade against uploading its content on Youtube strikes again as the channel I get most of these songs from has been terminated, again. So we’ll have to make do with this bigger link. Outside of being swamped with work and making plans on weekends to do more of said work, I’ve almost fallen into another nostalgia pitfall by having the slight urge to rewatch bits of Inuyasha again. I also completely forgot, despite mentioning this in an earlier music post, that another season of Saiyuki is airing and I’m curious to watch it too. A manga I read a couple years back, Taisho Otome, apparently aired last season so I have an entire show to go back to later. Things just keep piling up for me.

So for anyone who actually listens to these things as I talk about them, get to 51:13. It’s a relatively simple jingle again since this is the end of the first chapter and I do like these little retrospective tunes that sum up the story of how we reached this point. This also preludes to the upcoming segments where, unique to TTYD, Peach and Bowser both get little segments on how they’re faring while Mario is out adventuring.

Music of the Week #539

Sure enough, my workload got real big but I should really try and get that one game post out before the week is up just so I won’t feel guilty for the rest of the month.

Hooktail manages to fit in two stages without needing to change forms and entertainingly gobbles up the crowd at the start of the 2nd phase that provides a preview on how the crowd is never safe during boss fights. As I said before, Hooktail has a weakness by means of a sound effect badge that’s within the castle and I don’t actually know if not having it changes the fight because I just never had a playthrough where I didn’t get it when I still had access to the game. The boss room is also revisited in one side quest that makes you come back to the tall-tower where you fought her. The dev team must have really liked what they pulled off with Hooktail’s fight design as she wouldn’t be the last dragon we have to slay in the game.