Music of the Week #538

Things aren’t too busy but I just know that they will sooner or later.

So here I thought two manga I read were getting an adaptation this season but it just happens that Bisque Doll is airing this season while Cuckoos airs in Spring so I guess I at least have a couple things to watch for once in a while. The one last game related post in a while is mostly all written up, I just need to find the time to actually sit down and pick the most relevant photos for it.

Ms. Mowz is encountered this early into the game and shows up a bunch more times later in the game stealing badges and eventually have a Trouble Center quest where you officially have her join as a partner. The thing is, she’s not that great and I’m honestly not too knowledgeable if her item steal abilities are actually all that useful on a regular playthrough. She’s like a less useful Bow from Paper Mario.