Music of the Week #537

A curious thought invaded my head yesterday when Asu no Yoichi’s OP popped up on my feed and memories came rushing back how much longer anime used to be on average back in the day. Asu no Yoichi remains in my memory not for any merit on its own but by being the very first anime with 12 episodes that I watched and was shocked there wasn’t more because 24 used to be the standard. I then went and read the manga for it, because some part of me felt that the adaptation was more or less conclusive and learned that a joke character they used in the anime shows up like 3-4 arcs in after the adaptation’s end point so I was kind of surprised. On another note, I finally got some game posts out and one just needs some images to accompany them, only that this time it won’t be my stuff since my PS4 data was wiped.

Hooktail’s Castle makes for a strong first dungeon that demonstrates the Gamecube’s ability to handle a shitton of sprites at once with its Red Bones encounter but also incorporates puzzles involving Koops as well as having you look for a way to beat Hooktail with the sound effect badge. Truth be told, I don’t even have an idea what happens if you confront her without it. Like the Koopa Bros Fortress, you end up coming back here multiple times to fulfill some side-quests from Rogueport’s Trouble Center which does add to it.