Music of the Week #536

Back to the usual.

So I unfortunately wasn’t able to find the time write about the one other game I had managed to finish a couple months back and it looks like it’ll remain that way for a couple more months. I do plan on working ahead of it because I know for sure everything is going to go blank once Elden Ring comes out in just little over a month. I was looking the first episode of Bisque Doll and also found that Saiyuki got a new season somehow and I’m slightly curious on how it goes because it wasn’t too bad last time.

Shhwonk Fortress is potentially the second earliest case of a non-respawning enemy that you’ll either have to tattle the first time or rummage around Frankly’s trashbin back in Rogueport, this one being the Gold Fuzzy. While it has no unique properties of its own compared to the fuzzy varieties that will show up later, it does spawn a unique mob of fuzzies that I don’t remember having a tattle log so it was really up to someone’s guess to tattle both and maybe risk dying if you weren’t careful keeping your health up.