Music of the Week #538

Things aren’t too busy but I just know that they will sooner or later.

So here I thought two manga I read were getting an adaptation this season but it just happens that Bisque Doll is airing this season while Cuckoos airs in Spring so I guess I at least have a couple things to watch for once in a while. The one last game related post in a while is mostly all written up, I just need to find the time to actually sit down and pick the most relevant photos for it.

Ms. Mowz is encountered this early into the game and shows up a bunch more times later in the game stealing badges and eventually have a Trouble Center quest where you officially have her join as a partner. The thing is, she’s not that great and I’m honestly not too knowledgeable if her item steal abilities are actually all that useful on a regular playthrough. She’s like a less useful Bow from Paper Mario.

Music of the Week #537

A curious thought invaded my head yesterday when Asu no Yoichi’s OP popped up on my feed and memories came rushing back how much longer anime used to be on average back in the day. Asu no Yoichi remains in my memory not for any merit on its own but by being the very first anime with 12 episodes that I watched and was shocked there wasn’t more because 24 used to be the standard. I then went and read the manga for it, because some part of me felt that the adaptation was more or less conclusive and learned that a joke character they used in the anime shows up like 3-4 arcs in after the adaptation’s end point so I was kind of surprised. On another note, I finally got some game posts out and one just needs some images to accompany them, only that this time it won’t be my stuff since my PS4 data was wiped.

Hooktail’s Castle makes for a strong first dungeon that demonstrates the Gamecube’s ability to handle a shitton of sprites at once with its Red Bones encounter but also incorporates puzzles involving Koops as well as having you look for a way to beat Hooktail with the sound effect badge. Truth be told, I don’t even have an idea what happens if you confront her without it. Like the Koopa Bros Fortress, you end up coming back here multiple times to fulfill some side-quests from Rogueport’s Trouble Center which does add to it.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean S1- You’re Going to Prison

A blackout in my internet gave me the time to watch all 12 episodes of Stone Ocean’s first Netflix season, I’m almost two months overdue so let’s not waste any time.

Since this talk will be from the perspective of someone who read the manga, spoilers ahead.

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Music of the Week #536

Back to the usual.

So I unfortunately wasn’t able to find the time write about the one other game I had managed to finish a couple months back and it looks like it’ll remain that way for a couple more months. I do plan on working ahead of it because I know for sure everything is going to go blank once Elden Ring comes out in just little over a month. I was looking the first episode of Bisque Doll and also found that Saiyuki got a new season somehow and I’m slightly curious on how it goes because it wasn’t too bad last time.

Shhwonk Fortress is potentially the second earliest case of a non-respawning enemy that you’ll either have to tattle the first time or rummage around Frankly’s trashbin back in Rogueport, this one being the Gold Fuzzy. While it has no unique properties of its own compared to the fuzzy varieties that will show up later, it does spawn a unique mob of fuzzies that I don’t remember having a tattle log so it was really up to someone’s guess to tattle both and maybe risk dying if you weren’t careful keeping your health up.

Music of the Week #535

Things are getting a bit delayed.

The past week has been eating, sleeping, and watching movies with my family so I really wasn’t able to get as many things done as opposed to just strictly relaxing and just lazing around. Wasn’t even able to watch more of Part 6 but I also have no idea when more episodes are coming out for that stuff. In a surprising turn of events, a couple romcoms I happened to read manga for are apparently getting their adaptations released this season so I might have something to talk about by the season’s end.

Thwomps really don’t get that much time to shine in Paper Mario but they do apparently get to host quiz shows in vein of Chuck Quizmo but now it’s mandatory. It’s definitely a little odd but is an early indication of how TTYD has its own little brand of self-aware humor.