Music of the Week #532

Moving right along.

So Yakuza 4 is up but Yakuza 5 is going to take a bit more tuning up, hopefully I can get that done by today. The reason Yakuza 4 took so long is because I didn’t have good shots of the finale because I saved a video of it, didn’t move it to a USB, and then my PS4 data got wiped. Thankfully I only needed to redownload Yakuza 4 and play the last couple cinematics before it was ready.

The staple in any Mario game, the grasslands stage. Petal Meadows is really no different from the Koopa Village section of Paper Mario 1 except you get your Bob-omb partner way later down the line. I was also about to say TTYD doesn’t have Fuzzies getting in your way but then that entire section with the small fortress and the Fuzzies in the sewers reminded me that the sequence of events are pretty damn similar to the first game.