Music of the Week #531

Time to write

While I’m currently sick, I’ll try my best to type up what I can now that I finally have some free time to myself. Part 6 will also be binged come the weekend. So for now, I can probably get two games out of the way before I start writing one from the ground up,

This week’s tune deals with the Cursed Black Boxes you run into to progress the story. The entities inside the box “curse” you to give you paper based maneuverability abilities and try and act evil. The explanation for these things adds to why I like the Paper Mario series for the first three games. At certain places, usually underground, you can enter a bar and listen to stories from the bar keeper about some legends and myths that took place in the universe. This being an RPG, any myth automatically becomes true history and in TTYD’s particular case, a green mouser akin to Moustafa in the original Paper Mario shares these stories with you if you find him by the rooftops of East Rogueport.