Music of the Week #530

A bit late again but oh well.

Next week’s post will also be a bit delayed because I’ll be the busiest I’ve been working towards the weekend. Part 6 is out and I only managed to get a couple screenshots and the opening for it. The OP is definitely Jojo in visuals but it’ll take the bit for the song to grow on me.

This week’s tune is the main battle theme for TTYD, and it’s catchy opening always brings back some good memories. I couldn’t tell you which regular battle theme I prefer between the original Paper Mario and TTYD but the latter does have the benefit of having way more mechanics available to you between stylish moves and audience interactions that made combat way more engaging. Stylish moves in particular really changed up the game for me while the audience interactions were more random, at least to my knowledge, whether or not they throw rocks or items at you. There were also the stage lights dropping, the stage’s sprinkler, fire effects, and mist machines that can cause ailments, and the dreaded jackpot system that had the potential to fuck you over around too.