Music of the Week #520

Almost forgot

I’ve honestly been more lazy and preoccupied than anything else these days. Games are on hiatus but Wednesdays are also the busiest and things seem like they’ll be busy for a bit. I’ll try my best to try and be less lazy and actually work through the game posts. I’ll be heavily distracted come the 30th though.

Main story stuff are done so we have some extras such as the optional Toad Town sewers. While certainly side stuff, the sewers are the only way to access the shortcut pipes to other locations

Music of the Week #519

So tired

Wednesdays are a busy day for me and my schedule is looking busier than ever. This also means that I will probably be on hiatus for my videogame centric posts, as soon as I write up and post the four on the way.

In my rush, I switched up the music from last week with this week’s so more Bowser related tunes as we near the the end of Paper Mario.

Music of the Week #518

Late for that

As expected, pictures are taking time for me to organize, particularly for this one because there’s so many good shots and also because technical mishaps wiped by PS4 hard drive of all the capture gallery data of which I had transferred to my USB beforehand but the debacle really made me lose some drive. Hopefully I can find the time to organize real quick

It’s not a true final boss fight without a Phase 2, we found a way past Bowser’s initial trick but now he’s got even more power going for him as he smartly decided to invest in more ways to drain star power while you were adventuring. Peach and Twink get a chance to shine by beating kammy koopa and shutting down the machine powering Bowser for the real final battle segment.

Music of the Week #517

Let’s get this out of the way early

I still got stuff to take care of so let’s move on quickly before we fall behind another week. I did have a chance to write a couple more but now need to get more pictures, the problem is that I’m worried how lazy I’ll get with getting images

Yet another theme that is encountered early in the game, particularly because it’s Bower’s theme. Sounding more grandiose and threatening in the paper universe than usual, which is only helped by the prologue’s events where he beats Mario