Music of the Week #514


Preparing for the next round of workaholicism really put a damper on my writing this past week so expect a slower pace for the next three pieces I have planned. In great news, Stone Ocean got itself a trailer and is slated for a December release, which is still a bit worrying since I won’t be in a state to be getting my usual screencaps so I guess I’ll have to do some actual criticisms of the episodes instead of boring summaries.

This week’s theme is a favorite of my brother’s. Keeping in tune with the slightly unnerving tunes of the Crystal Palace, the Crystal King is without the comedic bits of the previous bosses and strikes me as the one no-bull shit boss that you fight without too many comedic elements making the fight light-hearted, at least I think it was. Lava Piranha had that drunk look in Phase 2 where his tongue is sticking out so the Crystal King always struck me as different.

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