Music of the Week #516

Not having the time to write about games but I am playing them

I will be a week behind by the time this comes out but I’ll try and be swift on my off days. I have been able to play more than I’ve been able to write but by the time September ends, I’ll probably be practicing the new fighting game to really have the time for new writing projects so hopefully I can catch up by then

The fun part about this particular Bowser’s Castle raid is that it’s in space! A feat that another group will have as a natural barrier against Mario’s progression but the method of reaching the stars is something the stars themselves have. I somewhat remember Bowser’s castle in the first paper mario having distinct sections including one area that was filled with bones, the quiz show section, and the repeating stair wells, it’s been a long while.

Music of the Week #515

More delays, but what else is new?

I’ve got tons of stuff to write and catch-up on but also went ahead and did a ton of photo collecting for these exact purposes, I hope I can find the time this week to actually get them done because new living conditions are rough

Last week’s tune is something that’s heard a lot earlier in the game since Mario visits Shooting Star Summit to reconvene with the lost Star Spirits and is formally given the mission on his first visit to rescue each of them, whereupon the game introduces Action Commands for the first time afterwards. It’s a mystical location with moving parts in the background with an otherwordly tune going on, as well as aforementioned moving parts, the shooting stars, give another sound to be mesmerized with. The star piece badge trading optimal run players would have heard this theme a ton given the star piece trader being around here.

Music of the Week #514


Preparing for the next round of workaholicism really put a damper on my writing this past week so expect a slower pace for the next three pieces I have planned. In great news, Stone Ocean got itself a trailer and is slated for a December release, which is still a bit worrying since I won’t be in a state to be getting my usual screencaps so I guess I’ll have to do some actual criticisms of the episodes instead of boring summaries.

This week’s theme is a favorite of my brother’s. Keeping in tune with the slightly unnerving tunes of the Crystal Palace, the Crystal King is without the comedic bits of the previous bosses and strikes me as the one no-bull shit boss that you fight without too many comedic elements making the fight light-hearted, at least I think it was. Lava Piranha had that drunk look in Phase 2 where his tongue is sticking out so the Crystal King always struck me as different.

Music of the Week #513

Thankfully safe

Some technical mishaps with my PS4 led to some delays in my picture and text coordination over the weekend. Most of the written stuff is ahead of schedule so I hope I can wrap things up within two weeks time. Until then, I hope I can keep these up at a decent pace.

Of all the dungeon themes, Crystal Palace is that one theme that’s creepy while being serious and mystical. Like Shiver City, this dungeon was a place that I don’t think I personally managed to reach when I was a kid and needed my brother’s help with it. Although I do vaguely remember being able to solve the puzzles, the enemy placements, and all that stuff involving the usual ice sliding puzzles and mirror tricks. I mentioned this before but getting to the palace itself was also pretty cool with how you made your way across a snowy mountaintop.