Music of the Week #511

Delayed again

How many times have “delayed by pictures” been a thing now? Turns out these past two games, hell even the third in the pipeline, have been instances where I try to take as many screenshots as possible for memorabilia, situational macro-edits, and for good shots for these posts. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to finish another big title before my schedule shifts completely by the second half of August here but we’ll see what happens when we get there. I’ll try and get that next post up before the weekend.

Oh I love this one, Cold Reception in Shiver City is one of my favorite town themes from the game and a locale that we see often but not so much in Mario RPGs. Not only does this penultimate chapter feature a city of Bumpties, the penguin enemies in other Mario games, but also later feature a village with star kids and ninjis. Since I was young when Paper Mario came out, this being so far into the game meant that dumb kid me could only make it so far into the game on his own savefile without the help of my brother and reaching this area in the game is something I remember very well thanks to this tune.