Music of the Week #510

So many to choose

So my next game recap is written up but once again, picking images ends up taking up a lot of time since I can only use so many and it turns out like I have over 150+ images to choose from. Too bad most of them were mostly environmental shots for comparisons because of the changing game states/time of day system the game has which means I can only use so many of them.

Huff n Puff is the bigass Ruff Puff boss which are basically enemy clouds. I wondered if they were just evil versions of the Lakitu clouds but they never really bring them up but there’s an obvious resemblance especially due to the fact that Chapter 6 of Paper Mario introduces a Lakitu as a partner for Mario. Me and my brother always used to fight Huff n Puff with Bow’s ultimate fan slap ability because it just looked really funny but apparently Lakilester was the go-to choice as per “chapter introduced partner is the optimal way to beat the chapter boss” shtick. For some reason he never stuck with me, or maybe it’s because his basic attack didn’t feel satisfying to land. Beyond that, Huff n Puff has potential to be a very tough boss for dumb kids who don’t prioritize mitigating Huff n Puff’s mechanic of spawning more Ruff Puffs when hit since they can have a turn to pummel Mario and also have Huff n Puff heal himself by eating them. I’m pretty sure this was one of the earliest memories of letting my brother beat the boss because I was too dumb to do it myself.