Music of the Week #508

A little late.

The next game post is ready to go, I just completely missed the pre-Wednesday window again. I feel as though it came out a lot shorter than the other ones and it’s indicative of how I felt about it. What I will say though is that the next three games have all been bangers to me so I can’t wait to start talking about them. However, they do need to be written up as I had too much fun playing them and hadn’t had the time to actually reflect and write my thoughts down so they’re going to take a bit.

I gushed about how much I like both Paper Mario’s jungle island chapters but in a strange turn of events, the chapters immediately following the swashbuckling adventures always make an unexpected but welcome turn in the following chapter. Namely, the 6th chapter of Paper Mario requires you to go around the game world to collect a couple seeds from these walking flower-lifeforms and then bring them back to Toad Town square whereupon the pathway to the next zone reveals itself. Flower Field is some weird wonderland filled with talking plants, clouds, and dudes dressed as plants. It’s a rather back-track heavy zone with notoriously dangerous enemies who can put you to sleep but the weird music mixed with the carefree but deadly enemies makes for a memorable gimmick.

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