Music of the Week #507

Another down

Hollow Knight was a really fun game, you should read about it. I’ve got a couple more to write up but since I was insistent on 100%ing the past two games, I’m a bit behind on playing new ones. I should really hop on the next Yakuza game.

Lava Piranha would not be the first boss in Paper Mario with a 2nd phase but I always did like the idea of elemental Piranha plants when I was younger. Unfortunately, no other big piranha plants became notable enemies going forward. The Chapter specific partner, Sushi, makes decent work out of his multiple attacking parts if you use the upgrade blocks on her and hey, when was the last time there was a friendly Cheep-Cheep in a Mario game? TTYD’s own jungle island chapter got a very unique boss that I enjoyed but the flower-based enemies in Super Paper Mario were if pretty non-threatening, if hilarious in a political sense. Yeah, political. You heard me.

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