Hollow Knight- Bug Souls Spelunking

Hollow Knight is in a strange place for me right now because I have more or less finished the game but have the Godmaster DLC content that I haven’t been able to beat and I imagine my predicament is where most people who play this game are in. As of this writing I’m stuck at the Pure Vessel and haven’t even managed to get to Absolute Radiance’s pantheon but these are the only remaining things left to do in the game for me, aside from Steel Soul mode.

Before really having the chance to play Hollow Knight, I had only heard about it and most of them were usually praising the game. I really didn’t know too many specifics as to why but it never really struck me to try it out anytime sooner. Coincidentally, after I had talked about wanting to take a break from Yakuza with a much “smaller” game, Hollow Knight went for free on the PS+ monthly games and I saw no reason not to try it out.

And after playing it as much as I did with around 80+ hours sunk in, all I can say is

I wish I actually paid for it.

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