Music of the Week #506

I got the next post readied up, it just fell on a bad time.

With this one out of the way, the next couple shouldn’t be too bad although two games in particular are still in need of being written up. Springs almost over isn’t it? I haven’t taken a look at Summer but it’s probably fair to say that I’m out of seasonal stuff by now until Part 6 finally comes out.

Lava levels are no stranger to Mario games and Paper Mario added a mechanic of enemies being “too hot” for Mario to step on so they added a new badge to nullify the effects of fire-based enemies much like how in Dry Dry Ruins had the Spike Shield badge. The only depth comes from just putting the badge on or not or opting to hammer your way through things but as far as level designs go, I definitely preferred the jungle before Mt. Lavalava. I said it before, but I’m generally all for jungle island setting based story chapters.

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