Music of the Week #504

Oh man,

So what held me up from posting the next game? Well, playing other games. It’s a good sign that I can still go on playing for multiple hours of a game, clearly there is still hope in the industry. Now the only worry is that I can actually put the game down for a bit to get through the next post in a timely manner.

Well I mentioned Yoshis last time and that reminds me of another reason why I enjoy the Paper Mario series so much. Since the franchise in and of itself is a platformer, practically anything standing in your way is usually out to kill you and the RPG mold allows for former enemies to potentially become allies. While Paper Mario isn’t the first Mario RPG, places where friendly goombas, koopas, cheep-cheeps, bob-ombs, boos, and the likes being friendly only helps build up the overall universe. This only makes it sadder when you consider potential new partners for Mario if the Paper Mario sub-series ever finds itself a new entry that retains its RPG mechanics. One of the early footages for one of the 3DS sequels had a Chain-Chomp partner and it made me excited for the prospect but we all know how the portable Paper Mario entries turned out.