Music of the Week #502

It’s time

I think a week’s break from any serious typing has gotten me in the mood for some goddamn videogames so hopefully before next week’s post I’ll have something up hopefully. Summer is almost here too and I already don’t really see anything I want to watch, which means more time for games.

I mentioned a character named Twink last week and how he acts as the messenger between Peach and Mario between chapters, which becomes a trend with Peach in the sequel as well. Twink has his own little arc of wanting to become a star spirit himself and got himself into a bit of trouble a while back when a fan’s attempt to re-texture the game in an HD style basically replaced him and all the star spirits as Lumas from Mario Galaxy’s continuity. Song-wise, I always remember the tune around 13-14 seconds in that synced up with Twink flying up back to Bowser’s castle always fitting.

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