Music of the Week #498-99

Could you tell how busy I was?

I assume things will be like this for another week or two and I’ll finally have some time off again, although, I’ll probably need a break from writing after doing nothing but that for the past two months. Still, I’ve been wanting to talk about these games for a while and just hope the inspired light in my head hasn’t completely dimmed from having not played them in a while. I think TWEWY’s anime is out but I haven’t caught up with it. Nagatoro’s anime is suffering from some Bokuben syndrome of skipping around chapters, in fact, I think it’s more egregious right now with its desperate pacing to introduce more characters as soon as possible. We’ll see how it turns out.

Paper Mario really knocks unique locales out of the park and perhaps the most colorful of them is Shy Guy’s toybox that really plays to the “toybox” aesthetic with blocks, toy trains, and random items that the Shy Guys have stolen from Toad Town. It’s boss battles that included some mob mechanics would feature heavily in The Thousand Year Door and while the fight itself isn’t too difficult, it made a Tattle Log completionist like me choke a bit when different formations of shy guys popped out across all its phases. There’s even an endgame level challenge here with the Anti Guy guarding a rare badge.