Music of the Week #497

Plenty of stuff

The business has lulled for a couple days before I take another project or two but I was apparently so busy last week being excited over Stone Ocean that I completely forgot to bring up the new spring season releases. Megalo Box got itself a second season that started like 2-3 weeks back and I haven’t checked it out yet. Recall that I didn’t feel as much entertainment from the rest of the series beyond the first two episodes and apparently Nanbu, the guy responsible for the best scenes in the series is gone. I’ll be waiting for some more episodes and get a feel for it before I dive into it. Nagatoro finally has its anime and I already caught up with all of its chapters the day I watched it. There’s a couple more to mention but I don’t think they’ve aired yet like the TWEWY adaptation.

I’ve hyped it up for like 3 weeks but here it is, Tubba Blubba’s theme. The boss fight is more of a joke while the Heart itself was the proper chapter boss. Incredibly catchy opening notes and just a sheer power behind it after some really fun sequences running from Tubba himself like that mech-spider boss in FF8. Every now and then I hum this tune because it stuck with me that well.