Music of the Week #496

Works not letting up.

But you heard the news didn’t you? Stone Ocean anime is coming and like I said before on how ASB had some good voice actors, we’re not getting Miyuki Sawashiro as Jolyne anymore which is a bit of a bummer. I’ve heard Ai Fairouz voice performance and I don’t have much issue with her taking the role since Jolyne was only voiced by Sawashiro for so long. Apparently Fairouz is a huge fan of Jojo so I hope she can bring some new passion into the project. I told you April would bear some good news. Beyond this news though, I’m still way too busy until the end of this month and I also seem to not have any good shots of Bayonetta so I think I’ll do the lazy thing and merge Vanquish and Bayonetta together and double up on the Vanquish screenshots.

We’re getting close to one of the boss tracks that really stuck with me through the years but another big element as to why the boss fight of Chapter 3 was so memorable was that he’s actually invincible. Plain and simple, he cannot be defeated by any means of which I know because he’s impervious to all damage so he probably doesn’t even have a healthbar. Thus you are forced to figure out the secret behind his immortality and learn that Tubba Blubba had previously removed his own heart and hid it away in the windmill you pass by on the road to his castle. Out of all the Paper Mario bosses, this set-up is easily one of my favorites.

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