Music of the Week #474

Kept ya waiting

Distracted and busy doesn’t even begin to describe how my week was to get this out so late. The business will persist for 2 more weeks before I’m back to doing nothing but hey, I’ve got some games to play and maybe I can start writing some more about them again.

This week’s theme is the one that actually plays during that farewell scene that harkens back to the likes of 3rd, only with absolutely no lasting impact aside from the knee-jerk reaction and unknown promises that CS2 said it might be able to deliver. To no one’s surprise, I don’t think they achieved all that much. What I know of CS3 that did prove something to me was that the first two games hardly mattered and that the Cold Steel subseries had every opportunity to deliver on its promises and ambition without being a fumbling mess of underdeveloped characters and drawn out sequences. Why is that? Because CS3 reduces the primary group of important characters to 6 characters, including Rean. Rean’s new class of kids are far more developed than their older counterparts and are frankly just better characters on average. The problems however rear their ugly heads because the old Class VII are still primary characters who won’t go away.

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