Music of the Week #477

I told you I’d get distracted

But more than work, I was busy finding other venues of entertainment and between some free PS+ games, writing about some of them, and buying even more games on Steam, I think I’ll be well stocked to play some games that aren’t grindfests on my phone for a good while. It’s Thanksgiving in the U.S of A and typing that phrase made me realize just how long I’ve been casually blogging on here, at the very least I can say that I’ve gotten out of some pits in my life. Anyways, nothing but good stuff is happening right now so I hope all of you enjoy yourselves and conclude this year on a high-note.

And to properly convey that celebratory mood, here’s the theme from Paper Mario where the Mario Bros. head to Peach’s castle after accepting the invitation to the game’s prologue sequence. While the theme doesn’t play anywhere else, it’s the theme that preludes some fantastic things to come in the future and it’s a tune that I certainly remember after all these years.

Music of the Week #476

Just a bit more

I’ll be free some obligations by the end of the week so let’s hope I don’t spend all my time playing games and find some time to write some projects I haven’t been able to touch on here for a bit.

This week’s tune is the primary theme of Paper Mario that plays during the little intro sequence which occurs if you stay on the title screen for a bit. Paper Mario’s audio stylings always struck me with a homely feeling, and in a good way of course. The sort of feeling that is akin to returning to an old and warm memory. It certainly feels more like as I described when you compare it to Thousand Year Door’s bombastic OST which we’ll get to in time.

Music of the Week #475

Just like that

One more week until I’ll be free from obligations for a bit. I’m late to nobody’s surprise but instead of being lazy or being busy, I was actually engrossed in playing some games. Hopefully I can talk about it once I catch up with those I left hanging from the Summer when I’m free again. Can’t remember if I stated this before but I watched a bit of Tonikaku Kawaii because of my lingering interest in Hata Kenjiro’s works but the novelty is already draining from me to continue watching it.

I’ve went on for a ton of weeks talking about how much I hated Cold Steel in a very disorganized fashion but I can sum it up saying that the focus on the characters was too centralized around Rean whose own struggle felt so lopsided to how much he was praised by the collective sagas’ cast. His friends couldn’t help him become a more interesting character and his primary foil character was also similarly boring and given too much emphasis when it was barely deserved or developed, in my opinion.

Anyways, all of that vitriol out of way, I can go back to being happy about the music I’m sharing instead of being angry at relatively good tracks wasted on overly ambitious plots. I’m mildly surprised that I haven’t talked about Paper Mario’s OST before so here we are, let’s take a trip down memory lane of the very first game I remember completing from start to finish.

Music of the Week #474

Kept ya waiting

Distracted and busy doesn’t even begin to describe how my week was to get this out so late. The business will persist for 2 more weeks before I’m back to doing nothing but hey, I’ve got some games to play and maybe I can start writing some more about them again.

This week’s theme is the one that actually plays during that farewell scene that harkens back to the likes of 3rd, only with absolutely no lasting impact aside from the knee-jerk reaction and unknown promises that CS2 said it might be able to deliver. To no one’s surprise, I don’t think they achieved all that much. What I know of CS3 that did prove something to me was that the first two games hardly mattered and that the Cold Steel subseries had every opportunity to deliver on its promises and ambition without being a fumbling mess of underdeveloped characters and drawn out sequences. Why is that? Because CS3 reduces the primary group of important characters to 6 characters, including Rean. Rean’s new class of kids are far more developed than their older counterparts and are frankly just better characters on average. The problems however rear their ugly heads because the old Class VII are still primary characters who won’t go away.