Music of the Week #472

Just a couple more

I’ll be free of obligations in around a month so just a couple more weeks until I can probably get back to reminiscing about games I’ve played, although being busy really put a stopper on any progress I was barely making to begin with. But I did manage to binge watch/read through Kanojo Okarishimasu and realized how little was going on but it still made some sensible character relationship dynamics that I did revel for a couple minutes on, which is saying a lot compared to some other series of this nature. Let’s hope I can still remember these thoughts when I’m through.

So now we’re at the actual final boss theme of CS2 and we already went over the Reverie Corridor and how the final boss itself acknowledges this pointless and time-consuming endeavor of playing through two extra sections of gameplay to get the true ending, one that ends off on such a banal and happy note that while melodramatic, does leave the story off at an interesting spot as Class VII is over and everyone goes their separate directions in life. This actually might have some weight to it if Class VII actually did go a while without seeing each other for a while but CS3-4 and Hajimari makes this scene a lot less impactful compared to the likes of 3rd’s ending and its series of farewells. One of the biggest kicks in the teeth is Crow as to no one’s surprise, he comes back. Falcom didn’t even try to hide Crow being anyone else yet they wanted to sell the idea that he was dead in CS2 so hard by giving him an insert song for the first ED sequence and also having his ghost show up.

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