Music of the Week #464

Nope, things are too busy

Life got real busy again that I couldn’t even add pictures to get the post out since I keep thinking if I could be getting better visual examples but it should ready this week, if not, then I’m just done for. I will admit the time I could have used to get Kiwami’s post out was taken up by some Fall Guys because I wanted to dress my character up as a hotdog.

This week’s theme is another reprieve for Cold Steel from my anger, and apparently the newest bridge-title in the series is either already out or I’m just mistaken since people are already playing it. I’m all for the series to become great again but the bar is set really high for the series to shake off the weights of Cold Steel that will no doubt get in the way of things. Anyways, CS2 once again does the same main menu gimmick that I liked from the first game, only that it does a lot more this time. Locales change, characters come and go, and adds to the progression of the main plotline where you reunite the cast. It’s appreciated but said characters fall flat, and I’ve said that a million times already. CS2 greatest weakness is recycling the plot structure of Trails in the Sky SC down to a science and it’s with significantly weaker characters and incentives. We’ll talk about how the setting is supposed to be a civil war but it hardly feels like one despite implications that the kids are handling the less violent side of it.

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