Music of the Week #460

There goes another month.

I was worried for a bit that I might not be able to keep a semi-constant pace with these gametalks since I’d actually prefer to finish some of these games I’m talking about and I had some reservations going in on the one I’m playing right now. Thankfully that hurdle has been crossed and I’m in the middle of writing up a big two-parter so something is still being written here. Not to mention, it’s week 3 of summer season and the two series I am following at the very least seem to have hit their stride getting something established. To be fair, that statement doesn’t really apply to Uzaki but there was significantly more dere than being an annoyance in last week’s episode which I liked.

In a sign that they somewhat understood what was lacking in CS1, CS2 has a bunch of trapped treasure chests around the game’s overworld that holds a set amount of monsters for you to defeat, something that is common since Trails in the Sky. CS2 introduces a new limitation of bringing along two specific party members to deal with a given chest and aside from good loot, the bond points earned are substantial but despite being a good challenge in-game, CS2 is where I think the potential for more character interaction were wasted. You had the cast split-up with their own little parties but even then they still feel like they’re waiting their entire lives to reunite with Rean first before meeting up with the other groups. At least now there was an excuse for some party members to be excluded in certain segments so some interactions, albeit limited, could take place but nope. You’re still having Rean be the fulcrum of every interaction and conversation with a given party member.