Music of the Week #459

Summer’s on hold

So given my lack of acknowledgement of the summer season aside from two series that do not lend themselves to regular coverage, I think I’ll be using these video-game posts as my extended summer project. Unless Oregairu S3 does something for me, I don’t see myself talking much about it. Honestly, I fear for Fall and Winter because something tells me I won’t have much to watch either. Maybe it’s time to dive back into that other project I was wanting to get to about talking about some older stuff.

This week’s tune revolves around one the more interesting elements of Cold Steel’s saga revolving the GIANT ROBOTS that become prevalent to the plot by CS2 and is one of the secrets of CS1’s finale that keep things interesting by the endgame. CS2 introduces mech on mech battles as a climatic chapter enders that are remotely “interesting” as a gameplay element but isn’t put front and center to the plot’s development, at least not until the end and then they get front and center billing in CS3 and 4. Despite the simplicity of what the plot ultimately turns out to be in CS4, the utterly bloated machinations of trying to involve every character becomes a detriment to an otherwise simplistic set-up.

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