Nioh: Changing up the Formula

As the fire faded away with Bloodborne’s acclaimed DLC and in the limbo of Dark Souls 3’s final DLC to close the long-running saga, the month of February 2017 was when the Souls-like subgenre of games fully blossomed into the scene with Nioh. Back then, I was debating on getting it to stave off the month-long wait I had left for the Ringed City DLC but decided against it and decided to fully dive into the Trails of series instead. Nioh escaped my mind for quite some time but I did hear some reviews praising the different approach to combat but as well has having a few more bosses that felt a lot more “unfair” compared to the likes of Dark Souls’ calculated difficulty. I thought about buying it for a time but then Ghosts of Tsushima and Sekiro muddled my opinion of samurai-souls games for a while so it wouldn’t be until it went up for free that I finally had no excuse but to try it for myself.

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