Music of the Week #458

A bit off-track

Uzaki and Oregairu are out and they’re not the type of shows that I’m all that good in “covering”. Uzaki is mostly a comedy while Oregairu has way too damn much subtext going on in every line of dialogue that it’d be tough to talk about, especially when I’ve forgotten what happened previously. Season 2 was definitely a bit more “please talk it out instead of expecting everyone to know what you’re thinking” compared to Season 1. Think I’ll opt for the weekly recap format instead of individual episode coverage, that is, if I even get to it this season since I’m still trying to write up more games.

Cold Steel 2 does something that no other entry in the sub-series did, have exclusive New Game plus content that tied to the greater questions into the story. A rather substantial reveal regarding two school-goers that would not otherwise be revealed until late into Cold Steel 3 occurs as you collect an NG+ item drop after events called the Black Records. Little did we know that the giant mechs would take center-stage and somehow Falcom still made that setting boring.