Music of the Week #457

Summer’s here

I got two big games I can pick to talk about and they’re both bound to take another week or two to write up, but I think I’ll go for the shorter one for simplicity’s sake. Summer is in full swing and I’m taking a look at the lineup as I type this. So far it’s mostly season 2’s I don’t care about and then a season 3 I care about with Oregairu finally coming after its weird ending and it’s most recent conclusion in the light novels. I have no idea what exactly occurred aside from a lot of alleged padding before the final volume so I guess we’ll find out what’s in store soon. Uzaki-chan is also getting animation which surprised me because I’m pretty sure Nagatoro-san existed long before it and that just had its anime announced.

So we’re going to skip the inferior regular battle theme in CS2 and go straight to the song that plays when you incrementally meet-up back with Class VII members across your re-treading of Erebonia. The reunion scenes are particularly filled with some problems because of one detail but before I go into detail about that, I have to cover something from the first game. At the end of Cold Steel 1, you’re forced to be separated from the rest of your party and whomever you grew the closest to, as in, the classmate you spent the most bonding events with, will say a unique line. In Cold Steel 2, the game treats it as you having this moment with EVERYONE so not only do any romantic subtext become leveled with every single female, you’re also best bros with all the guys too. Normally, this wouldn’t be too big an issue but the worst part comes to light when this relationship quota-reset occurs AGAIN in Cold Steel 3.