Music of the Week #456

Another big-ish post out of the way.

If I’m not mistaken, now that Kaguya-sama S2’s Episode 12 is done, I think the Spring Season has come to a close and lemme tell you, I have absolutely no idea what Summer is supposed to have. I’ll try and get to that business soon. Titanfall 2’s post doesn’t have as much going for it since I don’t have history with the franchise, although I’d immediately support a titanfall 3 if it ever sees the light of day in this day of age of- do people still play battle royales? I don’t know what’s “in” anymore.

At the very least, Cold Steel 2 doesn’t start bad immediately. The mountain ranges of Ymir near Rean’s hometown is a welcome change of scenery and apparently it was visited previously by the cast in a drama CD of all things which I don’t believe was translated into english, at least not officially. The circumstances of Rean’s departure is an exciting prospect but that wonder won’t last for long.