Music of the Week #454

Change of plans

While the next game related write-up is finished, I decided that I’d reschedule it because I appreciate the game enough to provide better visual examples. While this would have been relatively simple to do, the game in question had me go to NG+ mode that reset my inventory and progress so I’d prefer to play the game some more again to get better shots since I enjoyed the game enough and want to convey all the good parts I go over. So until I make more progress, we’ll just get to some other games down the list.

This week’s theme will conlude Cold Steel 1’s OST spotlight with the last boss theme. I’ve talked about this last week about how the last hour of Cold Steel 1 is where the game is at its best when all the political implications and the likes come under scrutiny beyond the classroom antics of 9 non-characters. Both CS1 and CS3 run the problem of ending things off in an incredibly interesting cliffhanger before the next game dials down the circumstances incredibly to a point that it retroactively ruins the experience of the preceding game’s build-up. We’ll get into more when we move on to Cold Steel 2 proper next week.