Music of the Week #451

Eating up time

I can’t pin point what exactly what I’ve been doing the past week for me to not have posted some of the game-related stuff I was writing but here we are. I’ll try to get it out before the week is done with since there’s not much else to do but I did hit a writing block so while I’m two written-up pieces ahead, the third one might take some time.

This week’s theme plays during one particular scene in the Roer chapters where a major side character, Claire Ridvelt gives Rean some info on the recent happenings his class has been dealing with. Claire’s role as one of the Class’s supporters gets expanded marginally as the games go on and her focus isn’t all too important. But since this is Cold Steel, her role is mostly there to be the unromanceable older girl to be inevitably attracted to Rean anyway, only adding to the character void problem that Rean’s existence provides as Claire’s character interaction only extends to Millium who I haven’t really talked about. I’m not sure when I’ll get to her but her development problem isn’t as bad as just being literally Neptune from Neptunia.

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