Music of the Week #450

Chugging along

The games post ended up being written a lot quicker than I thought so I’ll be putting that up in a couple of days once I tweak it some more. Aside from that, it’s been a pretty uneventful weeks of just working out and watching Space Brothers.

This week’s tune is something I could tear into given its title but Cold Steel 1-2 do one thing that I can’t fault it for, and that’s having dynamic main menu screens that change depending on where you are in the game. Despite the mediocre graphics for a PS3 game (originally vita) I do enjoy seeing the characters doing something as simple as riding a train and even changing costumes depending on your setting than just plain old title screens. I’ll complain more about Class VII another time but you can enjoy this theme without associating it too much with them and just focus on how Falcom can make nice main menu screens.