Music of the Week #449

All the free time in the world

I’ve started some preliminary writing for the larger writing projects now that I have a lot more free time on my hands. Hopefully while those get written up, I can channel more ire and valid complaining towards Cold Steel.

Speaking of which, Atrocious Raid is one of the first tracks one hears upon starting CS 1 where a Zero no Kiseki intro sequence plays showcasing an event four to five chapters into the game as the opening segment. It’s not quite as nuanced and made full of meaning in Zero since storming the fort as a four-party group is a plot point that’s played straight in Ao while the same cannot be said in Cold Steel despite two characters being omitted in this particular sequence. The impact feels a lot less important when it really completely solidifies that yes, your group of heroes is a bunch of schoolkids about to save a military installation from being taken over. Despite that, it’s a decent theme.