Music of the Week #448

Almost there

While I’m still far off from finishing some game spotlights, my commitments before summer are almost finished so hopefully I’ll be able to make regular progress with them more frequently.

This week’s theme is Garrelia Fortress, a rather important landmark that is present in both Cold Steel and Zero. As the literal wall that separates Crossbell and Erebonian territory, it becomes quite tense place to be from both sides as both parties from the two subseries either visit it or see it up close. The fate of Garrelia Fortress and what happens there becomes a major plot point in Ao no Kiseki and it’s one of my favorite chapters in Crossbell. What happens on the Erebonian side is a lot less exciting, which is honestly a trend comparing events from Crossbell to Erebonia. If nothing else, the fact that we get to experience two separate sides of a situation involving a huge fortress with guns is one of those key selling points one plays the Trails series for.