Music of the Week #447

Striding along

FGO post is finally out and it ended up being a lot shorter than I imagined but you can read all about that in the actual post. With that out of the way and with being caught up with Kaguya-sama in both anime and manga, I determined that it definitely would be tedious trying to write out the over-thinking happening on screen and maybe get started on talking about those games I’ve been wanting to get to. While I’d love to start though, not only is this week going to be busy but it’ll probably take up a bit of time to write since it’ll mostly be comprehensive.

This week’s theme plays during the Legram field trip where the Class VII kids muck around in the castle in the middle of a lake. The significance of this trip isn’t made clear until the 3rd game, while its payoff is hinted at during the 2nd game, but just barely. The hints to the payoff are however present in the first game as well, but it’s only information revealed in the NG+ run of CS2 that really sets things to some solid speculation. The theme itself returns with some lyrics in CS2 but it’s nice to hear it without it every now and then since the theme does get stuck in your head with one of the more interesting set-pieces in the Cold Steel subseries.