Music of the Week #446

Slowing down

Things are getting less busy so I’ll be able to finally get some other stuff worked out here even if Kaguya-sama is probably the only thing I’ll half-assedly cover. Maybe it’s finally time to talk about what I’ve been able to keep myself occupied with in terms of games after the FGO post. Just another week and then I’ll hopefully be able to work on some of them

This week’s theme is of Legram, one of the smaller towns you visit and home of the only legitimate noble in Class VII, Laura Arseid. She was my personal favorite mostly because it’s hard to compete with hard-working girls with ponytails but she’s the basic sword-girl archetype without much else going for her. She also suffers from “daughter of someone famous” really hard where her dad is more important than her and most of her development is trying to live up to him. Unfortunately this is played exactly how every other sword girl is done so her character is as predictable as the others. It’s not really a mentality thing since she’s as selfless and noble as one can get but entirely about strength so it isn’t even that great of one. I can make the case where I think all of the girls in Class VII with the exception of Emma serves no other purposes other than to just give Rean dating options than really have any interesting character dynamics with others or have a story worth telling. That second part of course mostly extends to most of the male members too. But hey, Laura gets a bit more favoritism since she wears competition swimsuits so she gets to live.

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