Music of the Week #445

A weird position

Despite being stuck at home like the rest of America, I’ve been more focused on trying to work ahead and keep up with the usual stuff occupying me more than ever. I didn’t make too much progress with the FGO post other than spending my weekend keeping up with the newest chapter where my general arguments toward the western fanbase’s reactions toward the villains have been nothing short of hilarious. I’ll try to work on it some more over the weekend if I’m able to allot my time better. Which also reminds me I need some seasonal stuff to type up.

This week’s theme is Heimdall, the capital of the Erebonian Empire which as far as Cold Steel 1 goes, constitutes the class splitting up within the city to do their usual busywork. In the successive games, Heimdall more or less is the final dungeon where some otherworldly phenomenons twist the royal palace into its play thing. Aside from that, we already talked about Elliot and now its Machias turn to be criticized. Despite playing the usual straightman role for a bespectacled character, Machias unfortunately plays his role to simply hammer in the fact that the whole nobles vs. commoner thing in the class is represented. As far as the first game goes, it’s something but the rivalry hardly lasts as Jusis develops a a character naturally while Machias’ more or less ends and is just there. His disdain towards nobles is at least a bit understandable but the whole point becomes a bit moot as later developments shift his previous dynamic with Jusis and their conflict practically becomes meaningless as early as the first Bareahard chapter. Rean sure as hell sheds the ordinary protagonist traits so Machias is here is what’s left of the ordinary guy and while relatable, he definitely could have been more involved.