Music of the Week #444

Still stuck at home

I drafted out a FGO post discussing the potential for future animation works beyond Solomon in the same vein of the Jojo posts I made a long time ago. I would have done something similar for Part 6 in that respect but David Productions proved themselves true with Part 5’s adaptation that I have little fears for the eventual Part 6 anime. With that said, I still have a couple things to go through in the FGO post since there’s a bit to cover.

Ho boy, with a track title like that, you’d expect something really sad to happen, right? Well, like I said previously, Cold Steel 1 in a vacuum has some merits on its own before things get ruined down the line. The theme in particular plays during the ending, when something sad does happen and the finale of Cold Steel 1 is easily the most engaging segments of the game. Too bad the momentum comes to a halt early on into the 2nd game and boy does the ending of Cold Steel 1 lose a ton of its luster when more of the games are unraveled.