Music of the Week #443

And that’s Winter all wrapped up.

I have no idea when more seasonal episodes air but seeing as though they’re all going to be continuations, I might do those bundled weekly recaps again because I sure as hell am not wanting to cover highschool melodrama in detail. Trying to get along to the writing projects I planned on a while back but stuff has still been busy despite the condition the rest of the world is in. Everything being done online still place some expectations for work to be done. If nothing else, I do want to go ahead and talk about a bit of Lostbelt 1 now that it’s properly out in english and maybe talk about how it “could” be animated in its own post.

This week’s theme is a tune that plays most notably during the dreaded school festival segment of the game, which I only describe in such a way because it’s such a goddamn cliche for a school-based game, but that’s how things are. Thankfully the choose your own bonding events are plenty entertaining at the least. While I have my gripes with having selective development with how characters need to have their bonding moments be seen for them to develop, these events are significant enough for two people to experience.

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