Azur Lane Episode 11: And we’re back

Yeah, it’s back and things look a bit better but that doesn’t mean the story is going to be salvaged this late into the game.

After Babylonia and this adaptation, I think I can safely say no amount of money or budget can make a good mobile-game adaptation unless you pull something completely original like Shingeki no Bahamut did.

The big fight we were leading up doesn’t really go on for long as the Sirens shortly retreat. What I was hoping to happen in earlier episodes finally occurs when Zuikaku and the others put together that Kaga is acting rashly without Akagi around and they decided to confront her properly, resulting in a fight. Speaking of the foxes, they decided to throw in some more Crimson Echoes lore with the Kaga BB reference as to how CV Kaga was created. All three sides are against the sirens until Orochi finally activates.

In the end the only plotlines that matter now are if Enterprise is ever going to change her outlook in war and how this debacle is going to end of Kaga and Akagi, because there’s no damn way the anime is actually going to settle this Siren business fully on its own when we haven’t even done that in the game yet. Just because she was there in the OP, I see Bismarck showing up for the last minute support come final episode.

They could delay this all they wanted but it still wouldn’t alleviate the plot issues the series had but I do appreciate the fact that it doesn’t look as bad as it could have been if previous episodes were any indicators. I’m just rearing to go on writing up the overall overview of this come the weekend.

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