Music of the Week #441

It’s almost here

All that’s left are the seasonal overviews for AL and FGO and I’m more excited about getting to those than I am with the weekly AL one that will go up tomorrow. There will be one more that go up as is my tradition to binge-watch a random series I find clips for and eventually get interested in watching in its entirety. And of course, then go on to catch up to the manga.

We’re staving off another rant for Cold Steel characters but I’ll always think of something to be mad about. This week’s tune plays during those high-tense situations where there’s usually danger about or the crew is expecting danger to happen, sometimes playing in the aftermath of said dangers. I’ve said this before but CS1 gets a bit of a pass with “most” of my gripes because the scale of the problems relative to Class VII’s accomplishments aren’t completely absurd yet and said threat scale isn’t formidable enough to be a problem. Me saying this of course means that things are about to get a lot more higher stakes and something in me could never sit right with the fact that by the time CS3 happens, some of these characters stand toe to toe with the universe’s strongest.

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